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It really depends on where you live. If you live in the northern part of the united states. id recommend searchmont resort, or buttermilk resort, if youre a begginer, i would recommend buttermilk, because its hills, are much smaller and shorter. If youre a good snowboarder, id reccoment searchmont, because its a really fun hill, and good for just riding, or they have an awesom trick hill, with many jumps, and also a really good resort.

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You can snowboard on Mt. Rose, and Swaq Valley.

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Q: Where is the best place to go snowboarding?
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Where is the best place for a snowboarding vacation?

lake Tahoe the best resort is northstar

What is the best time to go Snowboarding?

winter when there is snow

Where would I go to find snowboarding gear for a small child?

At, you can access the size calculator to determine the best sizes for young children who are enthusiastic about snowboarding. Custom designed with a great values is the place to go for your families winter needs.

Where is a good place to go snowboarding in England?

no becuase it will not snow that much there

What is the best snowboarding place in the world?

Great Bear in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Check it out at

Where can I find snowboarding lessons in Breckenridge, CO?

There are many different places in which you can find snowboarding lessons in Breckridge, CO. The best place to find them would be on the east side. There are no more specific directions.

Can girls go snowboarding?


What is shred in the context of snowboarding?

To shred is to go snowboarding. It comes from the noise that the board makes when you carve.

Who is good at snowboarding?

Hayden Nester is the best.

What is the best helmet for snowboarding?

A hard one !

What is the speed of snowboarding?

The speed of snowboarding depends on how long you snowboarded without stopping and how steep it is. You can go really fast and you can go really slow.

Were can you go snowboarding?

You can go snowboarding on any snowy mountain with enough steepness that you can go down. You can't go snowboarding on a super steep mountain like a mountain that you have to climb it because you will just fall off the mountain. Examples for places to snowboard is Mount Blackcomb in Whistler.