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Q: Where does freestyle skiing take place?
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Where did the Vancouver 2010 freestyle skiing take place?


Is freestyle skiing the same as aerial skiing?

aerial skiing is one form of freestyle skiing. Moguls and aerials make up freestyle skiing

History of freestyle skiing?

history of freestyle skiing

Is freestyle skiing the same as mogul skiing?

You might be thinking of professional skiing. As in the Olympics, Freestyle skiing is a discipline which contains a: Mogul event Areial event Ski-cross event So really, mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing.

What is freestyle skiing equipment?

freestyle skiing equipment is the stuff you need to ski or els you fall te he

On which website can you find the rules of freestyle skiing?


What did freestyle skiing use to be called?

skiers use jumps (also called kickers or launches) or rails to do Freestyle skiing

When did freestyle skiing begin?


When was freestyle skiing invented?


How many sports are there in the 2010 Olympic winter games?

there are 12 Olympic games and they take place in these places Sports including curling, ice hockey, speed skating and figure skating take place Vancouver. Cypress Mountain, towering over Vancouver is host to freestyle skiing and snowboard events. Alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, bobsleighs and luge takes place in Whistler.

Who won the silver medal in Men's aerials Freestyle Skiing in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

The silver medal was awarded to David Morris for his second place finish in the Men's aerials Freestyle Skiing event in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

When did freestyle skiing enter the Olympics?