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ski specific stores like skiis & biikes, squire john's

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You can check out your local ski shop or search in Ebay and Amazon.

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Q: Where can you find replacement heel and toes for Atomic ski boots?
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Where can you find replacement heel and toe plates for salomon sx92 ski boots?

A local ski shop contacted Solomon and they still had the replacement parts.

Where would you find Low Heel Ankle Boots?

There are many stores where you can find low heel ankle boots. Check out your local JC Penney as well as Target. If you're shopping online try, or

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What size heel does wedge ankle boots for women have?

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How do you replace a worn heal pad on a ski boot?

Take your boots to a ski/boot shop that sells the same brand. They can replace the heel piece, or at least order a replacement for you.

What are gogo boots?

Go-Go boots are boots with a low heel that first appeared around the 1960's.

Where can you find replacement heel and toes for Nordica ski boots?

Call Dynastar/Lange @ (435-252-3300) and order them.I e-mailed Lange for new heel parts and this is the response I received;I'm sorry but we have exhausted our supply and they are no longer available.Keith MyersRossignol Group Service Manager USARossignol, Dynastar, Lange, Roxy AlpineFrom: Les Walsh []Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 9:19 AMTo: info DynastarSubject: Replacement Parts for Lange BootsI own a pair of Lange ski boots size 13, and recently the plastic heel pieces broke off. They are MID 56 Mid System boots, men's size 13. There is a 342 mm mark by the heel. I have attached two photos. Please let me know if I am able to order two of these heel pieces from you.Thank you,Les Walsh

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