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TONIGHT! Tuesday, February 23, 2010. I'm not sure what time it's on but just keep your TV on channel 9 (9-1) this evening and you'll see it. They'll probably announce it on there. I can't wait!

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NBC is televising the 2010 Winter Olympics.

MSNBC and CNBC (channels in the NBC family) are also broadcasting Winter Olympic events.

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All the olympic events are on channel 9, or 9-1. Turn to channel 3 than on your digital converter thingie remote go to channel 9 that should be it! HTH (hope this helps)

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Q: When is the Olympic women's figure skating on?
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Who holds the Olympics Gold Medal in womens figure skating in the last Olympics?

Shizuka Arakawa of Japan won the women's figure skating gold in the 2006 Turin Olympic Games.

Who won the Olympic gold medals for the women's single figure skating in 1976?

Dorthy Hamill for USA won in 1976.

When did figure skating enter the Olympic?


Are there rules to the olympic figure skating?

yes there are

When did dance figure skating become an olympic sport?

In 1920 the mens figure skating started first.

Who holds the gold medal in womens figure skating?

kristi yamaguchi

What are 3 Olympic gameschina compete in?

1 Curling (women's), 2 freestyle skiing (men's and womens' aerials), 3 figure skating (pairs) 4 speed skating (women's 500m) 5 short track (womens) among other things, these are a few that China competed in and won a medal from.

Was there a time when figure skating was not contested?

Yes. As an Olympic sport, figure skating was originally a part of the Summer Games, since most rinks were outdoors at that time. It was contested in 1908 and 1920. Figure skating has been a Winter Olympic sport since 1924.

Who has won olympic womens figure skating medals fo Canada in 2010?

Gold- Kim Yuna (Korea) Silver- Mao Asada (Japan) Bronze- Joannie Rochette (Canada)

Who won 1924 winter olympic medal for womens figure skating?

Herma Szabo of Austria won the gold medal in Women's singles in the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France.

How long was figure skating an olympic sport?

Figure skating has appeared in every Winter Olympics since the first Games in 1924.

Is figure skating an Olympic game?

in the winter Olympics, yes