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Q: What year was it when Michelle kwan was six years old?
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How old is Michelle Kwan?

Michelle Kwan is 37 years old (birthdate: July 7, 1980).

How old was Michelle Kwan in 2002?

Michelle Kwan was born in 1980; this means that in 2002 she was 22 years old.

How old was Michelle kwan in 1991?

She was 11 years old

Where and when was Michelle Kwan born?

Michelle Kwan was born on July 7, 1980 in Torrance, California. And is 29 years old.

How many gold metals did Michelle Kwan get so far?

Michelle kwan got her first medal when she was seven years old

How old was Michelle kwan when she first fgure skated?

8 years old

Is Michelle kwan still alive?

No.......she was at the winter Olympics the other day.

How many hours a week does Michelle kwan practice?

Michelle Kwan, when she was eight years old, would wake up at 3AM to skate before school and after school right after. Hope this helps!!

When did Michelle Kwan get her first gold medal?

she won her first medal when she was only six years old and came first.

How old was Michelle Kwan when she got her 1st award?


Why did Michelle kwan stop figure skating?

Because she started getting old.

How old is Nancy Kwan?

Nancy Kwan is 72 years old (birthdate: May 19, 1939).