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Q: What sport is called after Halloween word?
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What is the long word for Halloween?

Halloween used to be called All Saints Day.

Can you get a word associated with Halloween unscramble word is nloelewah?

Um... the word IS "halloween."

When was the word Halloween created?

The word Halloween was created in the 16th century. The word Halloween is a derivation of the term 'All Hallows Eve'.

What is Halloween called in french?


What is another word for trick or treat?


What is Halloween called on family channel?


How do you spell Halloween in German?

Halloween is not widely celebrated in Germany and there is no German word for the occasion. They have simply adopted the English word - Halloween.

How do you get Halloween items in transformice?

you just play in the halloween room which is called halloween or halloween with a number after it

Where did the word Halloween come from?

the word Halloween came from the Celts who lived 2000 years ago

What is the fear of Halloween called?

Samhainophobia is the phobia of Halloween.

What holiday is on October 31?

It is called Halloween.

What other Christian holiday occurs near Halloween?

All Saints is on the 1st of November, the day after Halloween. It is sometimes called All Hallows. Halloween is the Eve of All Hallows or All Hallows Evening. From Hallows Evening comes the word Halloween. All Souls is on the 2nd of November.