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I would go to Burton store or any Snowboarding shop near you, like Shred shop. I bought my first burton snowboard from my sisters friend that fit perfectly... but then it got stolen so I went to a store to go buy one... they will help you find your size and which snowboard is right for you. if its your first time then you should rent one to see if you like snowboarding. I have a V rider, its for more advanced and intense snowboarding. I got that one because I am going to become an instructor for snowboarding this year... good luck on the slopes!

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Q: What size snowboard should a girl who is 4 ft 11 in and weigh 110 lb get?
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What size snowboard shoulduse who is 5 feet 11 inches tall 165 lbs?

Well the snowboard should be just about as tall as you

How do you find the right size snowboard?

When you stand against it, it should be between your chin and start of your nose.They say a snowboard should measure in between your chin and nose standing up. Example a 6 foot tall person should by a board that measures between a 156-159The best way to determine the size of board you need is by your weight. Just google snowboard weight sizing chart and it should be fairly easy to find one.My son is 5 foot 3 inches and weighs 105 lbs what size snowboard should i buyIt depends on your height. When you are renting a snowboard, the employee will measure your heigth and then give you the snow board that fits you the best. If you are buying a snowboard they do the same thing.

should a 7month old girl weigh 30lbs and be wearing a size 2 toddler?

dnnfmsnvmkemdnmswkmned bfndmskwmnd

What snowboard size should you get if you are 1.75 mt tall?

Answer helloo im a personal snowboard trainer in davos of Switzerland and you need exactly1.57 snowboard and shorter so between 1,55 and 1.57 is the best size for you. you have to know that board have to reach from the ground to your shouldiers an a little bit a little only 1-2 cm higher from your shouldiers ok.have fun andd good luck on your snowboard choise for this size byeANSWER:Compare your height in centimeters to the length of the snowboard. Maybe you can choose 149 -157 cm.

How do you determine the speed of a snowboard?

By the size of the hill it is on

What is the size of a snowboard?

usually 22 feet

How much should a 5'7 girl weigh if she wants to be a size 6?

It completely depends on the individuals shape. sizes can rarely be determined by weight.

How much should I weigh if I am 5'10?

you should weigh for you size about: 132-174lbs. hope that helped :]

If you're 6'6 270lbs 14boot how tall should your snowboard be?

About 5'2 with size 10 snow boot. BURTON INDUSTRIES

How much should a girl that's 5'6 weigh?

In general, a girl at 5'6 should be around 115 to 150 pounds. However, it depends on frame size, metabolism, and muscle mass, so if you weigh slightly more/less than this, it doesn't necessarily mean you're at an unhealthy weight.

Would these snowboard sizes fit a 6ft 150lb?

The size of the snowboard will determine whether or not it will fit a 6ft 150lb.

What is the size of a snowboard superpipe?

usually 22 feet