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It is called a Basket.

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Q: What is the round plastic piece on the end of a ski pole called?
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What is a large piece of ice that covers land?

A large piece of ice that covers land is called an Ice Sheet.

What polar region has more land the region round the North Pole or the region round the South Pole?

South Pole

A magnet attracts a piece of iron and the iron can then attract another piece of iron .What is the basis of this attraction?

This attraction is due to the magnetic properties of the iron material. Iron contains magnetic domains that align in the presence of a magnetic field, creating a magnetic force that attracts other magnetic materials. This is why the iron is able to be attracted by the magnet and can then itself act as a magnet to attract other pieces of iron.

A north pole will attract a piece of unmagnetised steel?

False. A north pole will repel a piece of unmagnetised steel. Only if the piece of steel becomes magnetised will it then be attracted to the north pole.

Where are the poles in round magnet?

In a round magnet, the poles are located at opposite ends of the magnet. One end will be the North pole and the other end will be the South pole. Magnetic field lines flow from the North pole to the South pole.

Would a north pole attract a plastic alien?


What is the pole called on the umbrella?

The pole on an umbrella is called the shaft. It is usually made of metal or wood and extends from the handle to the canopy to provide support and stability.

What is long rounded piece of wood or metal?

Dowel. It does not have to be long either. It could be as short as a 1 inch and still be called a dowel.

Would a North Pole attract a piece of steel?

Doubt it because the piece of steel is not magnetized.

Why are circus tents round?

Perhaps because it needs only a central support pole?? Circus tents are not always round although a round design is the best for general vision. Small circuses toured with a central pole in the middle of the ring and this was called 'a one pole tent'. A central section could be added called 'the centre' placed between two poles and this would be called 'the two pole tent' with still a central ring clear of the pole but the audience would be quite near at one side and further away at each end - not as good really to the one pole tent. The much more recent four pole tent is more ideal and can be of varying sizes to suit the required seating capacity or size of the circus. A small four pole tent, say, 80ft in diameter, could seat about 1000 persons whilst the largest (in my experience being Billy Smart) could seat up to 6000 persons. The central ring is an agreed size of 42ft in diameter.

What is the stadium called where the do the pole vault?

It is called the pole vault pit.

Where is the thickest piece of ice in the north pole?

The thickest piece of ice in the North Pole is typically found in the central part of the polar ice cap, where the ice has had more time to accumulate and grow thicker over the years. This area is often characterized by multi-year ice that can be several meters thick.