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Q: What is the pointed extension of a leaf?
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What is a Pointed leaf extension beginning letter T?


Why is a table extension called a leaf?

While the entomology of leaf is not known for certain, it is possible it has to do with a leaf on a tree. Since a leaf is an extension of a tree, a table leaf is an extension of a table.

What is the shape of san francisco leaf?

it's a pointed leaf :)

Rachis is defined as?

Rachis is an extension of a compound leaf or it can be main stem of a compound leaf.

What is the plural of leaf when referring to a table extension?

The plural form for table leaf is table leaves.

What is the difference between obovate and ovate leaf?

An obovate leaf is wider toward the tip, while an ovate leaf is wider at the base and tapers to a pointed tip. Obovate leaves are inverted ovate leaves, with the wider part near the apex.

What is a Lanceolate?

It is a narrow, leaf shape that is longer than it is wide, and pointed at the end

What is the shape of a santan leaf?

A santan leaf is typically oval or lance-shaped with a pointed tip. The edges of the leaf are usually smooth or slightly serrated. The leaf arrangement is opposite along the stem.

What is a leaf tip?

A leaf tip is the pointed end of a leaf, which can vary in shape and size depending on the plant species. It is typically the part of the leaf that is farthest from the stem. Leaf tips can be used to identify different types of plants.

What type leaf small toothed?

A leaf with small teeth around the edges is typically referred to as a serrated leaf. This type of leaf has pointed, tooth-like projections along its margins which can vary in size and sharpness.

What is the shape of a guava leaf?

A guava leaf is typically ovate in shape, with a pointed tip and rounded base. The leaf edges are smooth and the surface is glossy green.

What is the name of a long narrow leaf sometimes pointed like those on a pine tree?