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Q: What is the non-skating Olympic event that uses skating techniques?
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Is skating an Olympic event?


When did speed skating become an olypmic event?

Speed Skating became an Olympic sport in 1924.

Was ice skating barrel jumping ice skating ever a winter olympic event?


Olympic event that starts with the letter s?

speed skating

What Greece event is not part of your Olympics?

skating was not part of acient greece olympic event

What event did Bonnie Blair win her Olympic medals in?

speed skating

When was the Short Track speed skating recognized as an Olympic event?

Approx. 1922.

What happens if an athlete does not follow the rules for Olympic figure skating event?

They get disqualified.

When did people start speed skating?

People began speed skating as a Olympic event in 1924 but only men can compete. Women can compete in 1974 for speed skating.

What is a non skating event that uses skating techniques?

Ballroom dancing. It is graceful and like skating.

Where is the location of the Olympic figure skating event?

Pacific coliseum, just north of Hastings park.

Name a olympic event that has a judge?

skating, gymnastics, swimming, diving, boxing, skiing, tennis