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Q: What is the name of the checkpoint with the highest land elevation in the iditarod?
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Where is Canada's highest land elevation?


What is the land form with the highest elevation?

Mt. Everest.

What islands have the highest land in Hawaii?

Hawaii, the big Island has the highest elevation.

The highest of a land form in relation to sea level?


What is the highest land elevation in Virginia Beach?

Per the Virginia Beach web stite -The highest natural elevation is 88.1 feet located at Fort Story.The highest manmade elevation is 145.0 feet located at Landfill #2 (Centerville Turnpike).

What is the highest land in Texas.?

It is Guadalupe Peak with an elevation of 8751 feet.

Which European country has the highest average elevation?

Switzerland has the highest average elevation in Europe, with most of its land being above 1,000 meters. The Swiss Alps contribute to the country's high average elevation.

What is the elevation of the highest point in Tallahassee FL?

The average elevation of Tallahassee, Florida is 203 feet above sea level. It's highest elevation is 280 feet. Tallahassee has a land area of 100.3 square miles.

What is the highest point of land?

The highest point of land on Earth is the summit of Mount Everest, which stands at an elevation of 29,032 feet (8,848 meters) above sea level.

Were is the highest land in Florida located and what is it's elevation?

The place of the highest point of elevation is Florida and it is 345 feet above sea level. ~Fox

What is the elevation of land in Yukon Territory?

The elevation in Yukon ranges from the highest peak of Mount Logan (5,959 m.) to sea level at the Arctic shore.

What is the best way to describe land at the highest point?

Land at the highest point is often referred to as a peak, summit, or crest. It represents the topmost elevation of a geographic feature such as a mountain, hill, or ridge.