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Q: What is the game where you have to freeze enemies into a ball?
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What i the game where you play as santa and freeze your enemy's into a ball?

deep freeze on miniclip

How do you freeze volcano on wind waker?

In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you cannot freeze a volcano. However, you can use Ice Arrows to freeze certain enemies or objects in the game.

How do you freeze on ratchet deadlocked ps2?

THere is a freeze omega mod. Equip it to any weapon and it will freeze enemies. Or get enough skillpoints for the super morphing freeze wrench cheat.

What is the game Kirby?

The game kirby is about mostly a pink ball with red shoes that can in inhale and copy an enemies ability while trying to save either his home planet popstar or dreamland

What was a caltrop?

A spikey ball that slowed enemies

What does a bouncy ball do when you freeze it?

it won't bounce

What is a ball game?

A ball game is a game played with a ball, or a specific contest in any game played with a ball.

List of Batman Family enemies on family feud?

Catwoman Joker Penguin Freeze

How do pangolin protect from their enemies?

Roll in to ball of spiky thorns

Is there any cheats for Crash Mind Over Mutant?

Yes. Pause the game, and press the buttons to activate a cheat. One is to freeze all enemies and special water. Another is to give Crash a big head.

In the game wild arms 2 what enemies Drop Duplicators?

In Wild Arms 2, the enemies that drop Duplicators are the Fafnir and the Seraphim enemies. These enemies have a chance of dropping Duplicators, which are used for duplicating items in the game. Players can encounter these enemies in various locations throughout the game.

What was the medieval game Stool ball?

stool ball is a cricket game but with a basket ball.