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Bobsledding takes four people to do it, luge and skeleton only take 1 person. Luge is foot-first and skeleton is head-first.

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Q: What is the difference between luge and skeleton and bobsledding?
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What is the difference between Luge and Bobsled races?

bobsledding involves people and luge doesn't

What are the differences between the luge and skeleton events in the Olympics?

In Luge, you lay on your back, but ins Skeleton, you lay on your stomach.

Winter olympic sports?

skiing, bobsledding, luge, hockey

What is faster the luge or the skeleton?


Name a winter sport that you think never should have been added to the Olympics?

skiing, curling, bobsledding, ice skating, snowboarding, hockey, luge

Why was Luge replaced for the skeleton in the Olympic Games?

Although they share a track, luge was not replaced by skeleton.

What are some Olympic Sports?

snowboarding, skiing, bobsledding, luge, ice skating, hockey, speed skating :)

What is the name of the small toboggan sledge used in the winter Olympics?

luge or a skeleton. The Luge is ridden feet first, the Skeleton feet first.

What is skeleton racing?

the skeleton is like luge the person rides on a small sled that looks like a tombstone on skates headfirst instead of feet first like in luge.

Difference between luge for men and luge for women?

luging for men goes faster because they are heavier than women.

In the Vancouver winter Olympics will the bobsledge track be the same as the luge track?

most probably not! but we'll have to see when bobsledding starts in the olympics!

What was The Most Dangerous Game in the Olympics?

Skeleton,bobsled and luge