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around 80-90 mph but can sometimes exceed 100 mph depending on the player. amazingly, most of us would be considered talented if we could shoot 60 mph

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thanks you for this info for my school poject
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Q: What is the average reaction time of NHL goalies?
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What percentage of NHL goalies have brown eyes?

It does not matter what eye color NHL goalies have. It just matters if they make good save saves. But alot of goalies have brown eyes also players.

Who are the 3 youngest goalies in the nhl today?

Sergi brobrosky

Is roburto louongo the best goalie in NHL?

This is opinional, but he is widely considered one of the best goalies in the NHL.

How many NHL players from Michigan?

In January 2011 there has been a total of 117 NHL forwards or defensemen born in Wisconsin. In addition, Michigan has produced 9 NHL goalies.

What are the names of three black NHL goalies?

Fred Brathwaite, Kevin Weeks, and Grant Furh

Have there been any NHL goalies that have won 100 playoff games?

Patrick Roy won 151.

How many shots on goal will all goalies in the NHL stop during a regular season?

Around 73,800.

Why do most NHL goalies wear number 30?

because the number 30 is the coolest number in the world

How many Massachusetts born players have won the Stanley cup?

As of January 24th 2011, there have been 149 NHL skaters and 16 NHL goalies born in Massachusetts.

How many NHL players shoot right?

I think a little over 60%. It's difficult to call on it cause you have to count goalies too. Check the NHL site.

How many NHL hockey players from Quebec?

In January 2011, a total of 253 Quebecois goaltenders have appeared in the NHL. Quebec has produced the most NHL goalies of all Canadian provinces.

Who are the NHL's best goalies?

Fleury of the Pittspurgh Penguins Loungo of the Vancouver Canucks Broduer of the New Jersey Devils