What is rocker on a snowboard?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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rocker is when the board is bent down between the bindings like in a v shape witch is why they call it v rocker but there is also many many different ways of rocker then just v this first started of on burton boards then moved to much of all newer park boards

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rocker is bent down in the middle of the bindings on a snowboard and camber is bent up

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Q: What is rocker on a snowboard?
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Can you use a rocker snowboard on a mountain?

You could, but depending how big the rocker is and whether or not you have good edges on your board, it might not be as easy as a normal camber.

Why is your snowboard sticking through powder?

If you're talking about the nose diving in powder. Try riding a rocker. and or pull up on your front foot to put the pressure on your back.

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