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Burton Snowboards

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Q: What is professional snowboard company with Shaun White and terje haakonsen?
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Does Shaun White snowboard?

cause he love to snowbored

What inspired shaun white to snowboard?

his father and brother inspired shaun white to snow board

Can you give names of other pro snowboarders?

Terje Haakonsen, Shaun Palmer, Shaun White, Seth Wescott,Marc Frank Montoya, Danny Kass, Lindsay Jacobellis and many more

What sport does Shaun White play?

he snowboard and he use to skate also

In which sport did Shaun White win the gold?

Men's Snowboard halfpipe

Does Shaun White wear a bandanna or a face-mask?

Its a snowboard bandana!

What is the highest score for snowboard halfpipe?

Shaun White Vancouver 2010 48.6

What does Shaun White do as a job?

about 9 million, why else do you think he owns a Lamborghini? However, according to, he has racked up a fortune of 20 million dollars during his snowboard career.

When did Shaun White get his first snowboard?

he was 4 when he started and im pretty sure he got his own when he was 5 or 6

What are the hardest snowboard trick?

double 1260 Mctwist Shaun White busted his face on the half pipe doing this trick

Which professional snowbaod team includes Shaun White?

Shaun White joined GoPro just this year.

Who is the youngest professional snowboarder?

im guessing shaun white.....