What is Keneski?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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It's been 12 years since the first time Israelis & Europeans shared the KeneSki vacation together. Over the years hundreds of young adults have participated in KeneSki. KeneSki blends a wonderful combination of ski and enjoyment in a beautiful atmosphere that is Jewish, modern and top quality. The program geared for 20-35 year olds provides a way to meet with friends from all over the world and Israel . The participants of KeneSki have the opportunity to ski in the most glorious mountains of Europe . Additionally they enjoy delicious kosher food and entertaining night activities including Israel 's top lecturers. Some of the lecturers and Rabbis that joined KeneSki in past years include; Yaakov Neeman, Yaakov Amidchar, Uzi Dayan, Rav Beni Lau, Rav Yehudah Gilad, Rav Rafi Feurstien, former Israeli Chief of Staff Moshe (Bugi) Ye'elon, Rav Yuval Cherlow, Colonel Bentzi Gruver, James Marlow and Gil Hoffman and many more.

KeneSki is the oldest and most reputable organization offering ski vacations of the highest quality for young adults of Israel and abroad. KeneSki allows you to enjoy an all inclusive vacation at an attractive price.

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Q: What is Keneski?
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