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In short: bindings.

First, there are snowboard boots. They are stiffer than your average winter boots, but aren't like ski boots in that they are not constructed out of solid parts. The closest analogy I can think of is a loose or soaked cast. They're just stiff enough to let the bindings, which are attached to the board hold your feet tight in them without traumatizing you.


The one that holds your feet on a board is your bindings. You have to wear your snowboard boots then place the bindings after.

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Q: What holds on your feet on a snowboard?
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What is the thing that holds the snowboard boot to the snowboard?

a binding

Where is the grip supposed to go on a snowboard?

There is no grip on a snowboard. Your feet are held down by the bindings.

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How do you place your feet on a snowboard with non release bindings?

Chances are the way that feels best is right.

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The Driver X Snowboard Boots provided by Burton are used primarily by people who like to snowboard as a hobby. They offer support for the impacts suffered by your feet well snowboarding.

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It depends on what you are doing, how tall you are, and you experience level. If you are new to snowboarding you want a snowboard that is up to your shoulder. If you are just going down hills you want a snowboard that is up to your shoulder. If you want to hit jumps you want to get a snowboard that is 4 inch (7 cm) down from your arm pit.