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Montreal was bought out by Warrior, basically for their goalie sticks. Get your Montreal sticks while you can, because they are no longer being produced.

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Q: What happened to Montreal hockey sticks?
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Manufactures of hockey sticks?

Bauer, Warrior, Mission, Reebok, Easton, Koho, Sherwood, and Montreal.

Are curved hockey sticks better than light weight hockey sticks?

Curved, light-weight hockey sticks are the best.

Where are Reebok hockey sticks made?

Reebok hockey sticks are made in China. As a result, there is 2.5% duty levied to Reebok hockey sticks when importing them into Canada.

When did Montreal Junior Hockey Club end?

Montreal Junior Hockey Club ended in 2011.

What is the first name of the hockey team in Montreal?


What countries are field hockey sticks manufactured in?

Most field hockey sticks are made in Pakistan.

How do you say this is a bunch of hockey sticks in french?

This is a bunch of hockey sticks Il s'agit d'un tas de bâtons de hockey

Where are field hockey sticks made?

In hockey stick factories.

What is original name of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team?

Montreal macroons

What is the Montreal hockey team?

Canadiens de Montréal / Montreal Canadians

Does Montreal Canadiens is good at hockey?

Your question does't even make sense. If it is: Are Canadians from Montreal good at hockey? Then there is no way of knowing. Hockey was invented in Canada but that doesn't mean everyone there is good at it. When you ask if someone from Montreal is good at hockey, then you are just narrowing it down.

Can you use metal hockey sticks?

In ice hockey, sticks may incorporate metal, and aluminum is a common choice to make the whole shaft from. In field hockey, metal is banned from use in sticks for safety reasons.