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Downhill ski racers need a strong butt and legs. Therefore, focus your exercises on your lower half. You want to bulk up your thighs and rear-end. Most professional downhill ski racers end up with "tree stumps" for legs. Focus on strength training and do squats in particular. The "wall sit" is also a great exercise. Put your back to the wall and bend down until your knees are a ninety degree angle. Try to maintain this position with your back to the wall for a minute. It is very difficult, but builds strength. Work on the Leg Press machine as well. Hamstring curls are also valuable since strong hamstrings help to protect your ACL. Basically do several different leg strengthening exercises to improve leg muscle balance and definition You also want to have core strength in your abdominal muscles because your ski turns originate from your body's center. Do sit-ups daily and crunches daily. Balance exercises (stand on one foot on a Bosu trainer) help to build balance - obviously - and confidence for those times when you might get a bit out of control on the slopes. You also need to have endurance. Strive to run on the treadmill and on the elliptical trainer. However, don't do too much cardio because you don't want to be too lean.

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Q: What exercises should you do for downhill skiing?
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