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Q: What erosional is feature specifically produced by an alpine glaciation?
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What erosional feature curves a beach?

Due to the semicircular impact of sea waves on seashore, most sea beaches have curvature. This formation is the result of soil erosion by sea waves working as an erosional feature.

Which feature is represented between the green shale and the tan sandstone?

a buried erosional surface

What two erosional features created by groundwater?

Karst topography, characterized by sinkholes and caves, is a common erosional feature created by groundwater. Another feature is the formation of natural bridges and arches through the dissolution of limestone or other soluble rocks by groundwater.

What is erosional surface?

An erosional surface is a flat or gently sloping topographic feature formed by erosion, typically by the action of water, ice, wind, or other natural processes. Erosional surfaces can reveal past geologic events and provide important clues about the Earth's history.

What do you call dry flat lands worn down by erosional action?

You would call dry flat lands worn down by erosional action "badlands." These landscapes typically feature deeply eroded and barren terrain with distinctive ridges and pinnacles.

Is the difference between a Mesa and a mountain?

A mesa is an erosional feature consisting of a flat topped structure sitting above an eroded plain. A mountain usually has a rounded or pointed peak.

A feature that is not the direct result of glaciation is?

One feature that is not a direct result of glaciation is a volcanic crater. Volcanic craters are formed by the eruption of magma from beneath the Earth's surface, whereas glaciation refers to the movement and erosion of ice over land surfaces.

Do Nike watches come with built in gps systems?

There are certain brands of sport watches produced by Nike that include gps systems. Specifically, those that do include this feature use Tom-Tom gps systems.

Which physical feature covers most of the earth?

Water, specifically oceans, cover over 70% of the Earth's surface, making them the dominant physical feature.

What geological feature is most likely to be produced by the plume?

A volcano.

Where are glaciated regions associated?

At times, all the world's continents have been glaciated. A feature called 'inselberg' is often accepted as evidence of ancient glaciation unless some other explanation is more credible.

Which feature is currently found in the yosemite valley region as a result of glacation?

Yosemite Valley's creation can be credited to glaciation. When the glacier advanced and retreated, the valley was carved due to the contact between rock and ice.