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Q: What does an beal bocht mean in English?
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What is the ISBN of An Béal Bocht?

The ISBN of An Béal Bocht is 0853427941.

When was An Béal Bocht created?

An Béal Bocht was created in 1941.

How many pages does An Béal Bocht have?

An Béal Bocht has 114 pages.

What are the ratings and certificates for De bocht - 1967 TV?

De bocht - 1967 TV is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

What is the Irish word for poor?


What has the author JOAN C BEAL written?

JOAN C. BEAL has written: 'ENGLISH IN MODERN TIMES, 1700-1945'

What actors and actresses appeared in De bocht - 1967?

The cast of De bocht - 1967 includes: Herman Lutgerink as Anton Gaston van Erven as Kriegbaum Willy Van Heesvelde as Rudolf

What actors and actresses appeared in An Paiste Beo Bocht - 2009?

The cast of An Paiste Beo Bocht - 2009 includes: Alex Donald as Moleskin joe Stephen Rea as Patrick MacGill Imogen Toner as Mae Brodie

What is the Irish Gaelic word for poor?

In Irish it's ceachartha / stiocaire / scrábach

What does the surname Beal mean?

The proud and noble English topographic-type surname of Beal derives from the Old English language words meaning "bee" and "hill". This surname would have been conferred upon a person or persons who lived on or near a hill that was noted for its many bees. A Norman (French) origination came down from the Old French language word "bel", meaning "beautiful" or "handsome".

What are the ratings and certificates for Spoed - 2000 Rivalen uit de bocht 5-35?

Spoed - 2000 Rivalen uit de bocht 5-35 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 (Geweld/Angst/Grof Taalgebruik)

What is the birth name of Charlie Beal?

Charlie Beal's birth name is Charles H. Beal.