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Q: What do you call the runners on a sledge?
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What does the word sledge mean?

A sledge is a trailer which runs on runners rather than wheels.

Is friction helpful to runners on a sledge?

Friction is actually not helpful to runners on a sledge, as it can slow down the motion of the sledge. To make the sledge move faster or smoother, reducing friction between the runners and the surface they are sliding on would be more beneficial. Lubricants or smoother surfaces can help decrease friction and improve the performance of runners on a sledge.

What do you call a dog that drives a sledge?

A sledge-dog.

What is a flat-bottomed sledge called starting with t?

Toboggan is the word you are looking for. A toboggan is a simple sledge (or sled). It has no runners or skis on the underside and is just used on snow.

What do you call the think that the olmecs used to pull stones?

a sledge

What helped move pyramid stones?

The inclined plane in the form of a ramp. A sledge with narrow runners which reduced friction. Friction was further reduced by pouring a lubricant such as water or oil under the runners. The motive force was the brute force of thousands of naked slave labourers.

Who makes Call of Duty modern warfare?

Activision, infinityward and sledge hammer games

What to do wen a person sledge hamers your foot?

1. Call an ambulance2. Call the police and bring charges against that person.

What happens when you are sledging down a snowy slope and you run into a grass path What would happen to the speed of the sledge and why?

The coefficient of friction for sledge runners on grass is much higher than on ice, so there will be a large and sudden increase in the retarding force. The deceleration will be this force divided by the total mass. If the rider doesn't hang on he/she will tend to continue at the latest velocity (ie thrown forward off the sledge).

Who makes call of duty modern warfare 3?

Activision, infinityward and sledge hammer games

What do you call a race in which some runners have a head start?


What is a light horse drawn cart on runners that is used to carry people over snow and ice?

* sled * sleigh is probably the one * sledge * toboggan skibob