What are luge competitors called?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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a luger?

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Q: What are luge competitors called?
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What is a small sleigh called?


In what sport do competitors travel on a 'skeleton'?

Skeleton is an Olympic sport similar to bobsleigh. It is on the same tracks as the bobsleigh and luge. love, hannnananana

What is the thing called that the luge team rides in?

A sled

What are Olympic competitors called?

Olympic competitors are called Olympiads.

What is a Light toboggan used in a supine position called?


What is the single mans sled called in the winter Olympics?


Which was first street luge or ice luge?

ice luge

How do you play skeleton from winter Olympics?

Skeleton basically has the same concept as luge, but competitors go down the track head first on their stomachs instead of feet first on their backs.

What is the French for sled?

a sled is called 'une luge' (fem.) in French.

What is faster the luge or the skeleton?


What is the skateboard that you lay down on called?

It's not a skateboard exactly but similar set up. The name is luge, street luge to me exact.

What nicknames does Rick Luge Ventures go by?

Rick Luge Ventures goes by Rick Luge.