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Q: What are different kinds of bindings?
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Can you use regular ski bindings on telemark skis?

That depends on what you mean by regular bindings. You can use cross-country bindings but not alpine bindings.

How do you tell what ski bindings you wear if i wear a size 11.5 ski boot?

Downhill bindings are adjustable for different size boots. Cross-country bindings only lock into the toe of the boot, so one binding works with any compatible boot.

What are the different types of bindings for downhill skiing?

There are different types of binding for different types of skiing. Alpine ski binding fasten the boot to the ski at the heel and tow and allows the boot to release during falls. There are three Nordic binding systems for cross country skiing. Cross country skies usually slide a bar in the shoe into a catch.

Will a snowboard boot fit in any kind of binding?

Yes but their are different size bindings.

Do k2 bindings fit on Burton boards?

Yes, i have a Burton board and morrow bindings and my friend has a Burton board with K2 bindings.

What type of products and services does the company Union Bindings provide?

There are many products and services that the company Union Bindings provides. One of the main things that Union Bindings provides would be bindings for snowboards.

What is the difference between Advil and Motrin?

The active ingredient in both, ibuprofen, is the same. What is different is the coating, shape of the pill, bindings and other inactive ingredients.

When was Marker - ski bindings - created?

Marker - ski bindings - was created in 1952.

Why cant your snowboard bindings come off your snowboard?

You can take the bindings off your snowboard, but while boarding the only purpose of the bindings is to hold your boots to the board.

What size snowboard bindings for womens 8?

It really depends on the brand of bindings you are looking at. In most bindings you would be in a large, but some a medium might work.

Will different kinds of salt make different kinds of crystals?

Yes. Different kinds of salt can make different kinds of crystals

Does a Burton board have to have Burton bindings?

no my uncle has a Burton board with triplenickel bindings but its a custom