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Q: The elevations of these mountains makes skiing possible?
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How was life in the Andes mountains difficult?

it is difficult because many of the high mountain slopes are rocky and steep. the climate is cold. A lack of oxgen in the air at high elevations makes breathing difficult

Are Smart Wool Margarita Women's Socks good for skiing?

Smart wool makes socks for skiing so yea

The mountain range that forms most of the Austrian landscape is the?

The mountain range that forms most of the Austrian landscape is the Alps. These mountains dominate the scenery in Austria and offer numerous opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and mountaineering.

Why are mountains icy?

Mountains are icy because the altitude makes the air cold, which makes the tops freeze.

What makes mountains?


How do jagged mountains turn into smooth mountains?

Wind and water erosion makes the mountains smooth.

What makes uplifted mountains and fault block mountains different from other mountains?

they are different in the way that they are formed.

What are the top companies that manufacture water skiing equipment and where are they located?

Cobra makes the best water skiing equipment and have some of the best prices. They are located in California and are conveniently located next to the beach.

What makes the Rocky Mountains so unique?

The way that the mountains are shapped and the types of rocks.

What makes older mountains rounder and smaller than newer mountains?

Erosion wears mountains down, making them smaller and rounder.

Can you get mountains in the US?

What? This question makes no sense. There plenty of mountains in America. South and North America.

What makes it possible to believe in God and his revelation?

Faith makes it possible.