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Being pretty! She is the most beautiful figure skater in the world!

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Q: Sasha Cohen major contribution to her profession?
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Where did Sasha Cohen go to college?

She hasn't ever went to college to pursue a degree....but in the last couple of years she has talked of wanting to in the future....but she did take an acting class a few years ago at a major college.

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In December 2006, Cohen announced that she needed "a little downtime from competing" and that she will not defend her US Figure Skating Championship title in 2007. She again stressed that her "major goals" are the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships and the 2010 Olympics; "I know I want to be in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics." Cohen did not compete in the 2006-2007 competitive season, although she did perform exhibitions, including at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting and at USFSA-approved events. She has not given up her Olympic-eligibility. Cohen has signed on to be a headliner in the 2007-2008 Stars on Ice tour.

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