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Q: How much does it cost to go skiing in canberra?
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Where can one go to do some heli skiing?

You can do heli skiing overseas. You can go to Europe and enjoy heli skiing for a cost. You can check an agency to determine which ski resorts you are interested in and what the cost is for heli skiing.

Is it more cost effective to travel within your own country to go skiing?

Skiing in the United Kingdom does not work out more cost effective. You will still have to pay travel costs to Scotland. Skiing conditions are more variable in Scotland. You are likely to have a much better skiing experience in a budget skiing resort in Europe. If you can self cater and take your own equipment costs will be lower.

Train travel cost canberra to Adelaide?

There is no direct line from Canberra to Adelaide, you will have to go via Melbourne or Sydney, and which one you choose will change the cost. Try using to get an idea of what your options are.

How much does it normally cost to go into the Australian War Memorial?

Admission into the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is free. For details of the displays and exhibits, see the related link.

In what direction would you go to get to Melbourne from Canberra?

You would travel in a southwesterly direction to go to Melbourne from Canberra.

How many countries are for skiing?

Very many. Much more than you think. You can go skiing in every country in Europe, you can go skiing in Asia and even in Africa. You just need snow, which can be artificially made if the weather is cold enough.

Where can someone go alpine skiing?

One can go alpine skiing anywhere with a steep downhill slope such as the mountains in Denver, Colorado or Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. Alpine Skiing can pretty much be done anywhere with a steep hill.

How much are socks for skiing?

The ones I wear cost $8 for two pair, and they're thick wool socks that work great as slippers when I'm not skiing. Go to a store that sells stuff for hunters or campers and you can get the same kind of socks they have at a ski store but they're about half the price.

How much clothing do you need to wear cross country skiing?

none, you can go nude

When you go water skiing does it have to be hot or cold?

You would want to go water skiing when the weather is hot.In really cold weather you can go skiing on the snow.

Why do people go water skiing?

Most people go water skiing for the fun of it.

How much do ski boot retals cost?

well just about a common estimate I'm still thinking about that to but they can go from $50-$200 it really depends. Sorry if that doesn't really help but i tried lol have fun skiing!