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Q: How much do you need to practice a bobsled?
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Where do you need low friction in bobsledding?

So the bobsled can slide...

Why is it unusual for Jamaica to have a bobsled team?

It does not snow in Jamaica, therefore they had to make their own courses to practice in the grass and dirt.

How long do you practice your instruments for?

It all depends on how much practice you think you need.

Is a bobsled a noun or what?

It depends on what you mean by bobsled, If you mean bobsled the object yes it is a noun, but if you mean bobsledding it is a verb.

When was Alpine Bobsled created?

Alpine Bobsled was created in 1998.

Is there a Welsh bobsled team?

No there is no Welsh bobsled team but Jameica has one

What is the duration of Alpine Bobsled?

The duration of Alpine Bobsled is 60.0 seconds.

What is a dry bobsled?

a dry bobsled is similar to an ice bobsled run, but without the ice. It is a metal trough in which you ride a small cart that has wheels.

When was Camel Bobsled Race created?

Camel Bobsled Race was created in 1997.

How do you play this much good cricket?

we need more practice

What is the job of the two center men in a four member bobsled team?

to push the bobsled

How many people are on a bobsled team?