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Q: How might a ski jumper be able to increase jump distance by understanding project motion?
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How much would your body temperature increase by putting on a wool jumper?

By putting on a wool jumper, a person's body temperature may increase less than a degree to two or three degrees. A person's average body temperature would increase because the heat that usually escapes from the body is being captured by the wool of the jumper.

What is an island jumper?

Usually, its a flight from one island to another, going only a short distance.

If a Olympic ski jumper can launch into the air at a speed of up to 95 What is the distance?

you need the time to solve

What is the best basketball attempt you can take on the basketball court?

1) A free throw. 2) Dunk 3) short distance jumper 4) outside jumper 5) unimpeded 3 point shot.

What particular safety precautions should be observed when using jumper leads?

Safety first. It means before working with any electronic devices, make sure you turn off the supply even if electronic power supply is minimal. I assume you are doing an electronic project that is not working yet, so watch out that your jumper lead will not short other connections otherwise you will have a bad project. Do not wound it, just a straight jumper wire is okay otherwise it will act as a coil.

How long is the jumper in free fall if the parachute opens at 1000 ft?

Assuming the jumper free falls from an airplane at a typical altitude of 12,000 ft, it would take approximately 12 seconds to fall the first 1000 ft. If the parachute opens at 1000 ft, the jumper will then have a controlled descent for the remaining distance to the ground.

How is the snow ski jump distance measured?

I think its in terms of distance but doesn't that depend on how fast the person goes? Ive heard people say that jumps are measured from the tip of the jump to the begining of the landing but that doesn't seem to accurate to me.

What is a puddle-jumper?

A puddle-jumper is a small aircraft used for short-distance flights, typically between nearby cities or towns. It is often used by regional airlines or private aviation companies for commuter flights.

A jumperless motherboard is likely to have one jumper Which jumper is it?

A bios or cmos jumper

What is jumper parking?

"Jumper Parking" is when you have a Jumper hanging on one pin for safe keeping, rather than using it to turn a Jumper Setting on.

How do you knit Ravenclaw jumper?

Find directions for a jumper and knit a blue jumper. If you are skills you could knit the Ravenclaw symbol onto the jumper otherwise you can buy the badges and sew them onto the jumper.

How does a trampoline work?

Applied physics! The jumper uses muscles to generate energy. This energy is used to overcome gravity, and the when gravity returns the jumper to the tramp, the tramp "catches" the jumper. In catching the jumper, the tramp stores the jumper's energy in its springs, and then returns it to the jumper. Simple and easy.