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Q: How many years has luge been going on for?
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How many years has luge been in the winter olympic games?

the luge has been in the winter olympics since 2000

How many years has this battle with Grendel been going?

The battle with Grendel has been going on for 12 years.

How many years has the commonwealth games been going for?

The Commonwealth Games have been going on for 82 years.*As of 2012

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4 years

How many people play luge?

there is no way to count how many their is.

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For 70 years.

How many years has 7de laan been going for?

15 years

How many years had the winter olympic games been going on for?

86 years.

How many years has ballet been going on?

Bharatanatyam has been around for 2,004 years.

How many times have WWE been going on?

54 years

How many years has the Stanley cup been going on for?

Since 1893. 116 Years.

How many years has Mexico been going on?

About 200 years (modern nation of Mexico, that is).