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There are four currently in operation:

  • Alpine Valley Snow Ski Area - Chesterfield
  • Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Resort - Peninsula
  • Snow Trails Ski Resort - Mansfield
  • Mad River Mountain Snow Ski Resort - Bellefontaine
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As far as alpine (downhill) ski areas, there are 21:

* Arrowhead Recreation Area - Claremont ( * Attitash Bear Peak - Bartlett ( * Black Mountain - Jackson ( * Bretton Woods Mountain Resort - Bretton Woods ( * Cannon Mountain Ski Area - Franconia Notch ( * Cranmore Mountain Resort - North Conway ( * Crotched Mountain - Bennington ( * Dartmouth Skiway - Lyme ( * Granite Gorge Ski Area - Keene ( * Gunstock Mountain Resort - Gilford ( * King Pine Resort - East Madison ( * Loon Mountain - Lincoln ( * McIntyre Ski Area & Snowboard Park - Manchester ( * Mount Sunapee Resort - Sunapee ( * Pats Peak - Henniker ( * Ragged Mountain Resort - Danbury ( * Tenney Mountain Ski and Snowboard Resort- Plymouth ( * The Balsams Wilderness - Dixville Notch ( * Waterville Valley Resort - Waterville Valley ( * Whaleback - Enfield - ( * Wildcat Mountain - Pinkham Notch (

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22 major ones. There could be more but they aren't worth going to.

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brandywine/bosten mills

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Q: How many ski resorts are there in New Hampshire?
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Where are some good ski resorts to go on vacation?

There are many ski resorts where you can go for vacation. Some of these ski resorts include Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia and Belleayre Mountain in New York.

What states have the best resorts for ski vacations?

Depending on the type of skiing you enjoy and the type of resort you are looking at you have a few choices when it comes to ski vacations. If you are looking for the Northeast then Vermont and New Hampshire are the best when it comes to ski resorts. You can always look to the Grand Resorts in New Hampshire for a great skiing vacation. If you are looking for big snow and skiing then Utah and Colorado are probably your best bets. It will all depend on location choice and preference and budget depending on where you want to go

In what US state are many ski resorts located?

Michigan by far has the most ski resorts. While most would say Colorado, Michigan in fact has an astounding 39 ski resorts opposed to Colorado having a meek 23 ski resorts.

What are the most recommended ski resorts for a family vacation?

Apex Alpine, 20 miles west of Penticton, B.C, is considered one of the best family ski resorts in North America, with 67 ski trails and plenty of activities. In the US, Bretton Woods in New Hampshire is very popular with families, with over 430 acres of skiable terrain.

What is the southernmost state that you can ski most every winter?

California, New Mexico and Arizona have ski resorts. On the east coast, there are resorts in North and South Carolina. The southernmost state with good ski resorts is Colorado in the West, Vermont in the East.

Does New Hampshire have a ski area?


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Ski resorts in Colorado include: Aspen Mountain, Breckenridge, Echo Mountain Park, Ski Cooper, Monarch Mountain, Wolf Creek, Snowmass, Steamboat and many more. Colorado has over twenty-five different ski resorts.

What are 3 Austria Ski Resorts?

If you're talking about the best 3 Austrian ski resorts, then that would be at Westendorf, Filzmoos and Oberaus.

What is the oldest ski mountain in New Hampshire?


Are there ski resorts in Turkey?

Yes there are ski resorts in Turkey, especially in the city of Bursa.

Can you ski in the Alps in Switzerland?

Yes, there are many very large ski resorts in the Alps in Switzerland.