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Q: How long was the race in 1925 serum race?
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When was the first long Iditarod race run to Nome?

The first Iditarod was held in 1973. Yupperz=)

What was the serum run?

In January/February 1925, to combat a diptheria epidemic, dog sled teams relayed diptheria serum from Nenana to Nome. It was also known at the Great Race of Mercy.

What epidemic hit Nome in 1925?

The epidemic that hit Nome in 1925 was diphtheria. Due to the urgent need for a life-saving serum to prevent the spread of the disease, a group of sled dogs, led by Balto, raced across Alaska to deliver the medicine to Nome. This event became known as the Nome Serum Run or the Great Race of Mercy.

What was the Great Serum Run of 1925?

YOU need to get a life

What is the longest race a musher has made?

The Great Serum Race

What do people win in the serum race?

By boosting.

What disease was the medicine sent to cure for the serum run in 1925?


What was the serum packed in during the 1925 serum run?

Probably LSD.... yes drugs but it was actually very effective not even kidding

Why didn't the serum needed for the diptheria outbreak just get flown to Nome?

The serum couldn't be flown directly to Nome because of harsh winter conditions that made air travel unsafe. Instead, it had to be relayed by dog sled teams in a heroic effort known as the 1925 Serum Run or "Great Race of Mercy."

Who is the modern Iditarod inspired by?

the serum race to Nome.

Why was the first long Iditarod race run?

The Iditarod was conceived by Dorothy Page and Joe Redington as a way to keep dog sledding alive and a way to commemorate the serum run of 1925, in which a relay of dogsled teams brought diptheria to Nome, Alaska, saving the lives of many native children. :)

Why was the Iditarod invented?

it was to commemorate the serum race, mushers + dogs