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Q: How long is the ski out at sunshine?
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What movie does Sunshine Lollipops come from?

1965 Ski Party. Lesley Gore sings this on a bus. Clips can be found on You Tube.

Who can jet ski?

anyone can jet ski as long as you have balance and common scene

How long were the ski lifts closed for in thredbo ski park?

over six months

Where can you ski in the world?

There are wonderful ski destinations in US, Canada, Chile and Argentina.

Does SKI have a long e sound?

No, the word "SKI" does not have a long e sound. It is pronounced with a short i sound, like "sk-ee."

If a ski pole is 3.0 feet in length how long is the ski pole in mm?

914.4 millimeters

Is sunshine a long or short vowel?

Sunshine includes both long and short vowel sounds. The "u" in "sun" makes a short vowel sound, while the "i" in "shine" makes a long vowel sound.

How long is the song Walking On Sunshine?

Four minutes.

Can you snow board anywhere in a ski village?

Yup, as long as it's a mountain or ski resort or just a hill.

What object is about 2 yards long?

A downhill ski

Where are some good ski slopes in Banff?

Banff is known for excellent skiing, so there are many good slopes to choose from. The biggest three ski resorts in Banff are Lake Louise, Mt. Norquay, and Sunshine Village, so these should be good places to begin your search.

How long has ski jumping been around?

Ski jumping has been around since 1808. Ole Rye is the first known ski jumper, and jumped nearly ten meters.