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It really depends on where you are sledding but on record the whistler sliding centre in canda that was used for 2010 winter Olympics is the longest and fastest sliding centre in the world at 78 miles long and the fastest speed ever there was on luge by a germen lugr loch who flew down the track at 95.68 miles per hour!

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It can be any size actually, it really depends on where it is at

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Q: How far is an Olympic skeleton race?
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Name the vehicle used in the Olympic sport of skeleton?

A skeleton sled.

How is the Olympic skeleton scored?

The Olympic skeleton is scored by racers who soar down the icy track headfirst at speeds approaching 100 mph.

What is a skeleton racer?

a skeleton racer i a racer that competes in a winter Olympic event every year

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Although they share a track, luge was not replaced by skeleton.

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Who is Amy Williams?

She is an English Olympic skeleton racer.

In what sport do competitors travel on a 'skeleton'?

Skeleton is an Olympic sport similar to bobsleigh. It is on the same tracks as the bobsleigh and luge. love, hannnananana

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