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Q: How do you find roller skates at a low price?
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Where can kids roller skates be purchased at a discount?

One can purchase kids roller skates at a discount from a number of retailers online. They can be purchased from 'Walmart', 'Amazon' and 'Low Price Skates'.

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i got a mor powerfull hockey stride by staying low on your skates and i roller bladed & ice skated every chance i got

You are a pretty good roller skater and are looking for good aggressive inline skates you want skates that will last for a while and are able to go fast for under 100?

you wont, the good skates are brands like razor, remz, xsjado, and a few others, their low end skates go for more than 100, their most expensive is around 300. i have been skating for 2 years and im skating the razor icons which went for 300

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