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their is no dog island on poptropica!

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Q: How do you beat will in a race in The dog island?
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What do you get if you beat the robot in pool in Game Show Island?

you get a dog

The Three connotations for the word beat are?

The man beat the dog with a belt. He ran faster and beat me in the second race. The police patrol their beat daily. In our sailboat we beat a zig-zag motion all day

What animal can beat carl Lewis in a race?

Cheetah Jaguar Tiger Cougar Horse Bird Dog Lion

When was The Race Beat created?

The Race Beat was created on 2006-10-31.

What animal could probably beat carl Lewis in a race?

A cheetah would likely beat Carl Lewis in a race, as they are the fastest land animals, able to reach speeds of up to 60-70 mph in short bursts.

Would a tiger beat a dog in a long distance race?

Most likely, depends on alot of things. To tell you the truth, if it was just a house pet dog, i'd say the tiger would eventually eat the dog...

What do you do after you beat super power island?

To collect the Island Medallion, take a hot dog to Ned in the comic book store. (question was asked when there were no newer islands to play)

What dog is an island dog?

a dog that lives on a island

How do you get all the cars on need for speed underground 2?

Basically beat every race and URL race. After that the Boss wants to race you. If you beat him, you beat the game, and unlock every car.

When was Round the Island Race created?

Round the Island Race was created in 1931.

What do you do after you beat big nate in the race?

Push both of the seals on the rock to the left and collect the peice of paper under the rock. Then ride back to the island.

What happens when you beat super power island?

You have to go to see Ned Noodlehead at the comic book store, and bring a hot dog. You will receive the Island Medallion and 50 credits.