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2 b honest, sometimes a musher will train his dogs by finding a very long trail or dirt road, and having his dogs pull an ATV along the trail for a certain number of miles each day. Usually, they will increase the number of miles after a while.

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Q: How do some mushers train train their dogs for the iditarod?
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Where do some mushers choose to train their dogs for the iditarod?

hey how you doing

How do some mushers train their dogs for the iditarod race?

They train and train by increasing distance over a period of time.

How many dogs in the Iditarod race?

in the iditarod you can have a maximum of sixteen dogs and a minamum of twelve dogs!!! most mushers will end up with anywhere from eight to twelve dogs in the end!!!! this is because many mushers will lose dogs when they run away on the trail and because some mushers will leave there dogs at the check point if they are hurt or if they are overly tired. people at the check point will then take care of the dogs at the check point. in the end of the race they are reunited when theyre musher crosss the finish line!!! the iditarod face is a very stressful race but can also be very exciteing and is something thet all great mushers want to do. they may also enter in the Yukon quest race. so wwwwoooooowwwww.................maybe you should try the could be fun!!! couldn't you just imagine a little two year old mushing a dogsled!!!!!!!!!!ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wouldn't that be funny!!!!!!!!!!!yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeehhhhhhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some down falls of Mushers in the Iditarod Race?

The weather can be really bad at some times so it makes it hard to race. one of the dogs could get pragnent and not be able to race

How does a musher care for his dogs during the Iditarod race?

Each owner is different. The best thing to do is to read some books that have been written on the Iditarod race. They will tell you lots about what these owners/trainers go through with their dogs such as the breeding, care of, feeding of, & how they care for their dogs during the race.

How many dogs have died in the iditarod race?

there are usually around 60 people in each iditarod. some of the most famous are Jeff king and lance mackey. lance mackey won the iditarod this year around march 15. (2009)

How many dogs get hurt during the iditarod?

Mostly a lot because there are a lot of teams so i know that some teams start out with 18 to 16 dogs but there are some people that when they finish they end with only nine, ten, six dogs left.

About how much will one dog eat during a 10-day run in the Iditarod?

The Iditarod, an annual dog sledding race held in Alaska, is a challenge for mushers and their dog teams alike to compete and complete the 1,600 mile trek from outside of Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. The dogs used in this race must be strong, determined, and have an extreme amount of endurance. This means they also need a lot of food. An inactive sled dog in summer months only needs about 1,000 calories a day. A sled dog in the Iditarod, however, can consume up to 10,000 calories a day. With up to 16 dogs on a team, that is approximately 160,000 calories a day that a musher may need to provide for all his hard working huskies. Actually a lot of mushers nowadays no longer use full breed huskies they use a lot of mutts even some dogs can be part hound.

Who was the first woman to do the Iditarod?

Mary Shields was one of two women to be the first to participate in the Iditarod Trail Race in 1974, and the first to finish the Iditarod. She placed 23rd then. Her first race experience came shortly after she came to Alaska. In October some friends of hers let her borrow 3 of their dogs and a sled for her to use in hauling water and firewood. From this experience she learned a love for dogs and mushing.

What are some adjectives for mushers?


Can dogs travel on southern trains?

some bigger dogs ain't alloued to travil on trains but you could smaggle your pet on? in a bag

Why do people have the jr iditarod race?

The Iditarod is an annual dog sled race that takes place on the Iditarod Trail between Anchorage, Alaska and Nome, Alaska. The Iditarod isn't just any race; it's a race that pairs humans, or mushers, with their sled dogs as they make their way across well over 1100 miles (1769 kilometers) of some of the roughest, coldest wilderness in North America. The Iditarod has been called "The Last Great Race on Earth" and it got its start in 1973 with a total winning purse of $25,000 US Dollars (USD). An extraordinary race that mushers from all over the world and all walks of life participate in, the Iditarod was the brainchild of Dorothy G. Page. Conceived by her intrigue and interest with Alaskan history, Page approached a sled dog enthusiast, Joe Redington, Sr. with her idea of running a sled dog race over the Iditarod Trail, which was first used as a mail and supply route during Alaska's earliest development. The race is designed to pay tribute to Alaska's history and heroic mushers and dogs that played an instrumental part in the development of Alaska. The Iditarod Trail is a National Historic Trail today. As a tribute to Alaskan history, the Iditarod is the biggest event in Alaska each year. Business and travel in Alaska increase dramatically in the days leading up to and during the Iditarod. Yet the race itself is organized and operated almost entirely of volunteers. The route between Anchorage and the finish line in Nome alternates every other year between a northern route and southern route, each with 26 and 27 checkpoints, respectively. At each checkpoint the sled dogs are examined by veterinary staff, while medical staff and volunteers are on hand to aid the mushers if necessary. The first race had 22 finishers. Since then, entries into the Iditarod have climbed steadily. The prize money raised each year is split between all finishers, with first place claiming $72,066.67 US Dollars (USD) in the 2005 Iditarod. As of 2006, the record for the fastest time was held by Martin Buser who finished the race in 2002 in 8 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes, and two seconds. Rick Swenson holds the current record for the most wins at 5 total and holds the second fastest time.