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Q: Does Austria have good mountains to ski on?
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What countries in Europe are good to ski in?

France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Who is the ski producer in salzburg austria?

Atomic. Good luck beating the rest of this game xD

Where can one find more information about Ski Austria?

One can find more information about Ski Austria on the 'Ski-Austria' website. They have information about ski resorts all over Austria and advice on when is the best time of year to visit.

What are the name of the US ski mountains?

A website named Ski Mountains lists all the available ski mountains in the United States and Canada. There are many states with ski mountains, even Alabama.

Is it good progress to ski the squares after 3 ski trips?

it is great progress!!!!!! squares is one 2 lvls. away from the hardest mountains!!!!!!!!

What can you do at the cassade mountains?


Where do people go skiing?

Mountains. Most temperate countries with mountains have skiing facilities. Europe: France, Switzerland, Austria all have the Alps Spain and Andorra have skiing. UK has various Ski centres in Scotland America and Canada have multiple areas Australia has soem skiiing New Zealand has a developing industry Japan has quite a large ski sytem South America has some developing ski areas in some areas. Other developing countries, such as India, are also developing ski centres.

Where are the alpine mountains located?

The Alpine mountains are located in Europe, spanning across several countries such as France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Germany. The mountain range is known for its stunning peaks, picturesque landscapes, and popular ski resorts.

Can you ski in Maryland?

Ya if you have skis, are in the mountains, and there is snow you can ski anywhere!

Who is a famous German skier?

Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Sweden.

Which country would remind you of ski resorts?


What mountains can you ski on in nz?