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Q: Did Tara Lipinski parents push her to her dreams?
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Are parents allowed to push their kids and leave bruises on them?

No kids should not be allowed to divorce parents

What are the effects on children whose parents push them in sports?

it keeps them away from drugs.

How do you pronounce sweet dreams in French?

fay duh (as in the sound you make when you say "push") boh (as in "bow and arrow") reve (rev)

How do you make breasts bigger without parents finding out what your doing?

push-up bras

How fast are you supposed to push in the middle of the breast when doing CPR?

When I did cpr, we did the song staying alive and you do it to that beat when you push on them to get them alive. It also annoys when your parents because it will be stuck in their head.

Why do kids always contradict parents?

Kids argue/disobey their parents because they can. They will push you to see what they can get away with. If you don't allow them to do so, they'll stop.

How do you make your girfriend's parents forgive you?

You cannot make her parents (or anyone else) forgive you. When & if they forgive you is completely up to them. Be patient & don't push the matter.

Why does parents push the younger ones harder?

because they want their younger ones more better

How can parents affect sports performance?

By supporting and reinforcing their child. The best player on the team is usually the one with the loudest parents. Don't knock them down when they do poorly, they are already down on themselves and the last thing they need is for their parents to push them down further.

How can you convince my parents to get you a net book?

well i dont think you can unless there push-overs because i want one too and my parents wont get me one but i think they might get me one for my 16th b-day

How long should the parents of a shy girl push her into participating in an activity that she doesn't like?

Don't push her. Let her express herself. Listen to her to see what she likes, then find an activity she will enjoy. If you must, and she dousn't liek anything or is too stubbor, ask some other parents to get their kid involved aswell to make it more enjoyable for the girl.

The definition of push down accounting?

A method of accounting wherein the financial report of the subsidiary reflects the parents cost incurred in acquiring the sub.