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I don't think Kim Yu-Na got a plastic surgery.

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Q: Did Kim Yu Na have a plastic surgery?
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Was Kim Yu Na a Christian?

Kim Yu Na is not a Christian

What is Kim Yu-Na's birthday?

Kim Yu-Na was born on September 5, 1990.

When was Kim Yu-Na born?

Kim Yu-Na was born on September 5, 1990.

Who is the famous Korean figure skating queen?

김연아, or Yoona Kim ~ Yu-na Kim or people also know her as Kim Yu-na or Queen Yu-na

Is Kim Yu-Na left-handed or right-handed?

Kim Yu-Na is left-handed.

Does Yu Na kim have a Facebook account?


Will kim yu-na be in the 2014 Olympics?


Where was Kim Yu-Na born?

Kim Yu Na, the famous Olympic figure skater, was born in Bucheon, South Korea on September 5, 1990.

What has challenged yu na kim?

I think Mao Asada, and Joinne Rochette challenged Kim Yu-Na. There were others too, like Racheal Flatt.

What is Kim Yu-Na's Weight?

47 kg

Why is the South Korean women's figure skater referred to as both Kim Yu-Na and Yu-Na Kim?

im a Korean,,, the reason why is that sometimes Korean people sometimes have two ways to read their name when they go to other country. ex: 1. family name: Hong Middle name:Gildong =is read as :a. Hong, Gildong b. Gildong Hong Therefore Yu-na Kim is also considered as Kim, Yu-na.

Who is yu-na kim's boyfriend?

she doesn't have one for the moment.