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Q: Can you get ucas points for ice skating?
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How many UCAS points is a GCSE worth?

None because GCSEs do not give you UCAS points. Only AS and A Levels and their equivalents (eg. BTECs) give you UCAS points

What can you do to get UCAS points?

You can do retakes of exams to get better grades and therefore get a higher number of UCAS points. Or you can take on some extra subjects to get UCAS points from them too.

How do they count points in ice-skating?

People get points in Figure Skating depending on how difficult the jump, spin, footwork, etc. is. If it is really easy then they won't get any points. Hope that this answers your question.

How many UCAS points is a grade A at A Level worth?

A GCE A Level at Grade B is worth 100 UCAS points

is figure skating played today?

in figure skating you have skates you do spins spirals and jumps on ice and get points for it when you do a fault you dont get many points who ever has the most points from the judges wins quite simple

Do you get UCAS points for Lamda?

LAMDA only accept applications made straight to them, they don't use UCAS.

Do paid scuba diving give ucas points?


Is the Alan test worth ucas points?

I believe it's a key skills qualification. According to this calculator, a Key Skills qualification at level 2 is worth 10 UCAS points.

Was roller skating or ice skating first?

I think ice skating

What is the wordle for SKATING ice?

ice skating

How are you able to gain ucas points through extra curricular activities and please can you give details?

You will be able to gain UCAS points through extra curricular activites by contacting your academic advisor. They can provide details on the actual process and how many points can be achieved.

What is the name where people do skating on ice?

Ice skating, or if you do competitive skating it is called figure skating.