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Triple Nickel Snowboards are great for beginner to intermediate riders. I personally have owned one of their "all mountain" type boards and they perform great for anyone wanting to get into the sport or someone trying to refine their skill and have fun on. I've also known some people that have used Triple Nickel bindings and goggles and they seem to have no complaints and are quite pleased with them. I've ridden on more expensive (rental) boards and I personally didn't see any noticeable difference in performance when taking on intermediate runs on both artificial and fresh powder snow. I believe I spent around $99 for mine at Big 5 near the end of the season and I have absolutely no regrets. I also love the fact that I didn't spend an arm and a leg for my gear and I am still able to have a blast every time I'm on the mountain.

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It is. Great pick anyway,

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Q: Are triple nickel snowboards good for beginners in freestyle?
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