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In that case, the centripetal acceleration - and therefore also the static friction - will increase by a factor of 4.

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Q: A race car is traveling at constant speed around a circular track what has to happen to the static friction in order to stay on the track when the speed is doubled?
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What happens to the speed of a wave if the amplitude is doubled and the frequency holds constant?

If the amplitude of a wave is doubled while the frequency remains constant, the speed of the wave will not change. The speed of a wave is determined by the medium through which it is traveling, not by its amplitude or frequency.

What happens to coefficient of friction when weight of body is doubled?

If the weight of a body is doubled, the coefficient of friction does not change. The coefficient of friction is a constant for a given pair of materials and surfaces, and it does not depend on the weight of the body.

Is the force of an object doubled if the velocity of an object traveling in circluar motion is doubled holding the radius constant?

If we're going to have this discussion, we need to change the playing field a bit.There's no such thing as the "force of an object". The only force that it makessense to talk about in this situation is the force on the object. That's the forcethat makes the object travel in a circular path, and it's called the "centripetal" force.In order to make an object move in a circular path, a constant force has to act on it,always directed toward the center of the circle. The force could be the tension ina yo-yo string, the friction between the race car and the track, or the gravitationalattraction between a body in a circular orbit and a big mass at the center.If the radius of the path remains constant but you want the object to revolve around ittwice as fast, then it needs 22 = 4 times as much centripetal force to keep it on thecircle, otherwise it skids away to a larger radius.

If a wave is traveling at a certain speed and its frequency is doubled what happened to the wavelength?

If the frequency is doubled, the wavelength is halved. This is because the speed of the wave remains constant, as determined by the medium it is traveling through. The wavelength and frequency of a wave are inversely related according to the equation: speed = frequency x wavelength.

If the frequency of a wave traveling in a rope is doubled what will happen to the speed of the wave?

If the frequency of a wave traveling in a rope is doubled, the speed of the wave will remain the same. The speed of a wave in a medium is determined by the properties of the medium, not by the frequency of the wave.

If normal force is dobledwhat happens to friction?

Frictional force gets doubled. But coefficient of friction does not change

How the coefficient of friction between a body and a surface change if the mass of the body is doubled?

The coefficient of friction between a body and a surface does not change if the mass of the body is doubled. The coefficient of friction is a property of the material of the surfaces in contact and their interaction, not the mass of the body.

When the contact area is doubled keeping the force acting on the body constant the pressure?

when the contact area is doubled keeping the force constant on the boy, there will be less impact on the body .

How does the pressure gets affected when the force is doubled and area is constant?

When force is doubled and area is constant, the pressure will also double. This is because pressure is directly proportional to force when the area is constant, as described by the formula pressure = force/area. So, when force is doubled, the pressure exerted will also double.

What happends to the period if spring constant is doubled?

If the spring constant is doubled, the period of the oscillation (T) will decrease. This is because the period is inversely proportional to the square root of the spring constant (T ∝ 1/√k). Therefore, doubling the spring constant will result in a shorter period for the oscillation.

If the resistance in a circuit is doubled while the voltage remains the constant the current is?

It is halved. coz voltage=current * resistance

Is fine doubled for speeding in school zone?

Traffic violation fines are generally doubled when the infraction occurs within or traveling through a construction zone.