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It is where part of the cylinder is cut in, allowing a part on the frame to match up. Use a search engine for Rebated Cylinder, and you'll get plenty of pictures. "Cut in" means that the diameter of the cylinder is reduced at some part normally by "cutting in" with a lathe. In some black powder pistols, especially early colt models, the diameter of the cylinder is less at the nipple end than it is at the end closest to the breach of the barrel.

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Q: What is a Rebated pistol cylinder?
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What keeps the cylinder and barrel aligned in a revolver pistol?

The cylinder lock and cylidner rod.

Colt New Frontier 22 pistol with a 22 mag cylinder I want to buy a 22 long rifle cylinder for this pistol Do you know where I can buy a cylinder?

check with the colt factory: 1-800-962-2658

How do you measure a pistol barrel?

From mouth of barrel to where it meets the cylinder.

Can you keep CO2 in your bb gun?

Not really. It will leak out eventually. Besides by leaving a charged C02 cylinder in the pistol keeps pressure on the seal and this may damage it over time. I always take the cylinder out of the pistol when I am finished shooting. No matter how much C02 is left int the cylinder. It doesn't cost that much to put a new Cylinder in the pistol when I want to use it again. Besides leaving it in the pistol will eventually reform the seal. I want it to return to a normal shape between shooting sessions. Is it cheaper to buy a new cylinder or have the pistol repaired because the seal is warped.

What is louder 380 pistol or 38 special smith and Wesson?

A revolver is louder than a pistol due to the barrel-cylinder gap that is located between the cylinder face and forcing cone of a revolver.

Why are rebated joints stronger then butt joints?

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How do you remove cylinder from gardone 44 cal black powder pistol?

there is a flat holding pin just ahead of the cylinder, it must be pushed out to slide the cylinder off

What is the caliber of a HR pistol with 816 stamped on the cylinder?

You will need to take it to a gunsmith to find out.

What is the thing that holds the bullets in a gun called?

== == The part that holds the bullets in a revolver type pistol is called the "cylinder". In an automatic type pistol it's called a "magazine".

How do you remove the cylinder from a herter 22 cal pistol?

Herter's was an importer, not a maker. Take it to a gunsmith