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You feel lighter in water because water is heavier then air and nearly all of you is heavier then air, however when you get into the water parts of you want to float to the surface putting you under the impression that you are lighter.

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The water in the pool is much more denser than the air you are constantly exposed to. Because of the fact that it is more dense, it gives more support to your body and basically holds you up.

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They are less dense than water. That causes them to float. This makes them feel lighter.

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Q: Why does a swimmer feel lighter while swimming?
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Do you feel heavier or lighter while climing mount Everest?

I think you feel lighter as you are higher off the ground and when you are on the moon you feel much lighter than on Earth

Why do you feel fat at night but feel lighter in the morning?

Because at night, your body still has food in it from previous meals and you feel fuller. In the morning, your body digested a lot of the food while you were sleeping, so you feel lighter.

How does saline swimming pool water effect a swimmer's health?

I have a salt water pool. My skin does not feel dried out after drying off like in a regular Chlorine pool. I cannot say scientifically it is better but my skin and hair feel better

While I am swimming it feels like my toes dislocate and the bones in my feet feel odd. Does anyone know if this has a name?

One possible explanation for this sensation could be a condition known as "swimmer's toe," which involves inflammation and pain in the toes due to repetitive kicking while swimming. It is not a dislocation of the bones, but rather irritation of the soft tissues in the toes. However, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

What does it feel like to swim in dead sea?

It feels no different from swimming in any other sea. I swam in it when I was 8 years old. From memory there may be slightly more boyancy but not so that an average child swimmer playing/swimming along the shoreline would notice any difference.

Why does a person feel lighter when swimming in a pool than when standing on the ground?

it is because of the bouyant force or upthrust

Why are you more buoyant in a swimming pool or a lake than on land?

Buoyancy is a force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an object immersed in it. In water, the buoyant force counteracts the gravitational force acting on your body, making you feel lighter and more buoyant. This is why you may feel more buoyant in a swimming pool or a lake compared to on land.

Salt water pool feel heavier after leaving water?

Whether you were in a saltwater pool or a fresh water pool you will feel heavier when leaving the water because while in the water you Will be relatively lighter.

Would an Earthling feel heavier lighter or about the same weight on the surface of Mars?


Why can you carry a person more easily in a swimming pool?

Swimmers feel their weight lighter in a swimming pool because they displace a large volume of water . The water exerts similar amount of buoyant force to that of water displaced by they body of the swimmer and this pressure cancels a certain amount of weight of the swimmer .

Would a earthling feel heavier or lighter on the surface of Venus?

sure if you want to be lighter or heviar

Why does an object feel lighter underwater than when its in the air?

An object feels lighter underwater because of the buoyant force exerted on it by the water. This force counteracts the gravitational force acting on the object, making it feel lighter.