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Both lanes 4 and 5 are highlighted by using yellow lane ropes. The swimmers who compete in these lanes have either the fastest entry times or in the case of the final, the fastest qualifiying times. It is an advantage to swim in these lanes as often they are subject to less water turbulance than others. Spectators also can identify swimmers more easily by the use of the yellow lane markings.

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I think it's to do with the swimmers with the top 2 times.

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to keep the swimmers in there own lanes

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Q: Why are there yellow lanes in the middle of an Olympic swimming pool?
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Number of lanes in an olympic swimming pool?

The definition of an Olympic size swimming pool is 10 lanes each 2.5 meters wide, however to prevent the outside lanes being disadvantaged by having to compete with the waves bouncing off the sides of the pool only the middle 8 lanes are ever used.

How many lanes does an olympic swimming have?


How many lanes are there in olympic swimming pool have?

8 or 6

How many lanes does an olympic pool has?

An Olympic swimming pool usually has 8 lanes, but sometimes has up to 16.

Carrie is swimming in the middle lane of the pool She waves to her father who is swimming 3 lanes away in the end lane How many lanes does the pool have?


How big is a competitive swimming pool?

Competitive swimming pools widely vary in width. The width (in feet) changes depending on how many lanes it has. Most competitive pools have either six, eight, or ten lanes. An official Olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meters by 25 meters. It is ten lanes wide.

What is the minimum amount of lanes in an olympic swimming pool?

FINA which is the world governing body for international swimming calls for a 50 Meter pool with 8 lanes. However movement is being created for having pools built with 10 lanes, with the outer 2 not being used for competition. (The waves created by swimmers bounces off the side walls and 'slows' down the swimmers in those lanes, thus an buffer is created by not using lanes 1 and 10 in competition). That said, if you are talking about size, Olympic generally refers to the length of the pool, not the number of lanes.

What SI units would you use for the length of a swimming pool?

An olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meter long and 25m wide using 8+2 lanes.

What is the size of the Olympic swimming lane?

The dimensions of an Olympic pool are required to be 25 meters by 50 meters. PCH=NOT 10

How many laps do you have to swim to swim 1 mile?

It depends in the standard of the simming race, for Olympic or World Championships then the pool has to have 10 lanes however only the middle 8 are used. For lesser competitions it depends on how many lanes the pool has, usually a minimum of 6 however for smaller and older pools which are very rarely used there may be 4 or 5 lanes

How many lane ropes are used during ALL Olympic swimming competitions?

In Olympic swimming pools there must always be 10 lanes. Although only 8 of these are used it still must have a lane rope between each lane, so there are 9 lane ropes used.

What is the width of an 8 lane swimming pool?

This can vary greatly with the width of the lanes. Often Olympic sized pools are about 50 meters long by 25 yards wide.