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Q: Which type of ungrammatical-sounding English does Jane has swam the course several times illustrate?
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Where can one take an online English course?

There are several websites in which you can take an online English course for instance easyenglish. Or, you can visit the best website which is britishcouncil where you can find amazing English tests and courses.

What is the major course of studies in general?

There are several major course of studies in general. They can be English, mathematics, science, arts, humanities, music, sociology, and more.

What is the accepted standard English in the world?

There are several Englishes, and several of them are considered standard, or general. British English, of course, is one of them, but not the only one. American English is a standard English, and is spoken widely throughout the world. The English spoken in India is also standard, and there may be a few others.

How many kinds of English?

There are several thousand kinds of English, including French, German and Italian. There is also barbarian Spanish to consider, as we aren't quite sure which dialect of English it was. Of course there is several thousand other dialects and that makes life better.

Is it possible to be in an English movie if you are from Norway?

Of course it is. There have been several Scandinavians is English and American movies. For example Viggo Mortensen from Denmark played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. You do have to speak good English though.

What is the name of an English course?

An English course could be named "English Language and Literature," "English Composition," or simply "English."

Completing An Online English Course?

English coursework is often part of a credit earning program at community colleges, but many technical schools offer several English lessons as well. Those studying English as a second language may also benefit from these online classes, most of which are graded and scored by an instructor at a remote location. Courses in English are usually divided into several categories including Speech and Composition, Grammar and Punctuation, Business English and Verbal English. The latter is often an introductory course for foreign students leaning English as a second language.

how can i have a free course in english in philadelphia?

how can i have a free course in english in philadel

In English how do you say l'entree in french?

L'entree has several meanings The way in to a building The main course of a meal Acceptance in a restricted circle of people.

What is 'Of course not' when translated from English to Italian?

"Of course not!" in English is Certo che no! in Italian.

How can you download rapidex English speaking course mp3?

repidex english course

How do I choose the best online English speaking course for my needs?

If you're looking for an Online English speaking course in India, there are several options available to help you improve your language skills. These courses are designed to help you develop your English speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension skills, and are offered by a variety of language institutes and training centers in the city.