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the suction may be too low or it is likely that the vacuum plate has not been seated properly allowing water to suck past it instead of through the hose

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Q: When you hook up an automatic vacuum to the skimmer on your above ground pool it will not move any idea why it is not working?
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How do you vacuum a Doughboy and where do you plug in the equipment?

To vacuum a Doughboy above-ground pool, connect one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head and the other end to the skimmer intake. Place the vacuum head inside the pool and move it in a back-and-forth motion to clean the pool floor. Make sure the skimmer basket and pump are clean, and plug the vacuum hose into the skimmer suction hole to start the cleaning process.

How do you hook up the vacuum cleaner for an in ground pool?

If there is a vacuum port open it and turn off your skimmer port and reduce the flow in your main drain,If no vac port plug the hose into the skimmer, If you have more than 1 skimmer plug one of them off.And please use a pool approved vacuum, Kirby or Hoover will not work.

How do you vacuum an above ground pool?

Before vacuuming an above ground pool you should make certain the water level is mid-way up the skimmer mouth (opening).To manually vacuum an above ground pool, typically you:Insert the vacuum head onto the end of a telescopic pole.Attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum headRemove the skimmer lid and skimmer basketIf you have a vacuum plate, install it.While holding onto the telescopic pole, allow submerse the vacuum head and let the vacuum hose float on top of the pool waterStarting at the end of the vacuum head closest to the vacuum head start feeding the hose down a foot or so into the water.Continue to do this until the air is out of the vacuum hose.Cup one hand over the end of the vacuum hose while putting it into the skimmer either on the vacuum plate or the opening at the bottom of the skimmer.The pump may lose prime but will generally pick prime back up within 10 - 15 seconds.

Skimmer open or closed to vacuum pool?

If you have a dedicated suction for the vacuum hose (illegal in Australia) then you close the skimmer to increase suction.

How can you vacuum the bottom of an above ground pool out with out losing the water?

If you have the regular set up that includes a skimmer, pump and filter then you don't have to waste any water. Get an lid-to-hose adapter, that fits over the skimmer basket at your pool supply store. Fill the hose with water and attach it to the lid. Place the lid inside the skimmer over the skimmer basket, then vacuum to your hearts content. Pool Masters

How do you vacuum a pool?

Like any other above ground pool, maunally with a hose, pole and vacuum, or with an automatic cleaner.

How do you vacuum your pool with intex pump model 621?

There is an insert that goes into the large surface skimmer that includes a net filter bag. A vacuum hose goes on the insert and the other end on the vacuum. I use a little shark automatic cleaner with mine. Works great!

How do you vacuum a dough-boy pool?

Like any other above ground pool, maunally with a hose, pole and vacuum, or with an automatic cleaner.

How do you get rid of the brown stuff at the bottom of the pool that goes right though the vacuum?

Use a suction vacuum plugged into your skimmer to vacuum to waste.

What valves are for the pool vacuum?

If you have more than one skimmer, close the valves for the ones you aren't hooking the vacuum to.

Pool filter looses vacuum when you attach vacuum hose?

submerge the hose in the pool first to get all of the air out, then attach to the skimmer.

Where do the vacuum lines run from and to on ford escort automatic transmission?

There are no vacuum lines running to the automatic transmission.