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Q: What practice is ILLEGAL when towing a persons on water skis or any other device behind a vessel?
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Is it illegal to play music live across the internet playing from one persons mobal device that they bought from ituns then playing live in front of others who may not own the song is this illegal?

Yes, probably illegal.

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A statiometer is a device that measures a persons height. A statiometer is a device that measures a persons height.

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They are illegal in some countries, such as the UK, Japan and the Netherlands. In others, the device itself is not illegal, but (like many things) it can be used for illegal purposes.

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Are you trying to ask if it is illegal to put an audio recording device in an automobile that does not belong to you and record conversations without the permission of all persons in that automobile, check the federal privacy act if you are in the USA. I suspect you are not in the USA by your lack of command of the English language.

What illegal device did Jobs and Woz manufacture and sell?

it was the Blue Box.

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a fire litter

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no it was takin to court and proven that jailbreaking is legal however the installing of cracked apps on the device is illegal

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Any device that might possibly be used to trick a video slot machine is considered illegal and will most likely land the person trying to use it in jail. Not to mention the fact that that persons name will then go out to the casinos telling them who that person is, in other words, you will be banned from casinos. It is not worth it!

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Which type of personal floatation device is designed to turn MOST unconscious persons face up

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It's only illegal for body piercing and because its widely used as a "Medical device"

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It a device that sends an electric charge to restart a persons heart after it stops beating.

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In most cases, it is not illegal to ping a cellphone if you are the owner of the device or have consent from the owner. However, unauthorized or illegal tracking of someone's cellphone location without their permission can be considered an invasion of privacy and may be illegal.